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How to Fix Cartridge issue in Canon Printer?

The cartridge is the container where ink is stored in printers most usually inkjet printers. This cartridge is not compatible with other types of printers like laserjet and dot matrix because these printers use powdered toner and ink soaked ribbon. Canon users face cartridge problems frequently especially the re-manufactured ones. And these errors or problems occur when there is an issue with the cartridge chip. Especially when the chip isn’t properly installed.

While trying to print, the canon printer might send an error message saying the ink cartridge is empty or low even though it is full. This error message appears because of some problem with the cartridge. So to learn how to troubleshoot this error, go through the following methods:

ØRemove the canon ink cartridge from the printer and power it down. Unplug the power cord and wait for some seconds and plug it back in.
ØAfter installing the ink cartridge in your printer wait for some minutes to let it get charged and initialized.