How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Will Not Print Error

With the introduction of printers in the market, the lives of people have become quite easy and simplified. It is one technology that everyone loves. Nowadays one can see printers in shops, cyber cafes, offices, home, restaurants, etc. The overgrowing demand for printers has been increasing rapidly. It is also becoming a business, as cyber café owners earn so much from these printers when anyone comes to take some printouts. There are many brands of printers now available in the market. HP printers don’t need any introduction as they are known for its enticing features. Every printer is designed on the same outline and desired output of giving a print. The internal features may vary. The main aim of the printer is to print, and what if the printers show ‘Printer will not print error’. The error can occur on any printer and you would need to try some troubleshooting steps. The first and the foremost thing that one needs to keep in mind is that what can be the reasons behind this error and then work according to that. One can also get in touch with the HP printer customer care support to avail the troubleshooting steps.

The reasons for the error:

¨     The USB cable has not been attached properly.
¨     The LED indicator blinks in red when you give print commands.
¨     The ink cartridges have been empty.
¨     Not able to print via a wireless connection.
¨     The media roll has not been installed correctly.
¨     Not enough roll is remaining
¨     Paper jam issues

You first need to understand properly, that what can be the possible reasons behind this error and then can work on the solutions accordingly.

The solutions:

¨     Check whether the USB cable has been attached properly and it is not disrupted. If you find any faults in the USB cable, then replace it with a new one.
¨     If there is paper jam issue, then disconnect the printer from the power cord, open the input tray, take out all the bits and pieces of papers that might have been stuck inside
¨     Remove the ink cartridges from the printer, fill it and insert it back again.
¨     Update the printer drivers by looking at the steps from the official website.
¨     Install a new media roll if there is not enough roll remaining.
¨     Install the printer software on your computer, if not done till now.
¨     If the printer is connected to a wireless connection to your computing device, then make sure that both are sharing the same network and are compatible with that.

The issue can be resolved properly once you will be able to identify the actual reason behind it. If none of the solutions work, then you can get instant solutions from the technical executives at the HP printer customer care. The techies will provide you with quick solutions and remedies.


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